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Motorbike Locks & Security: A Guide

Motorbike Locks & Security: A Guide

Motorbike security is a crucial concern for riders everywhere. With the increasing number of motorbike thefts, ensuring your bike’s safety is more important than ever.

    Whether a daily commuter or a weekend rider, investing in high-quality locks and security measures can save you from the distress and financial loss of having your bike stolen.

    This guide will explore security chains, provide security tips, and help you keep your motorbike safe and secure.

    Securing your motorbike

    Securing your motorbike with security chains is essential in preventing theft and ensuring peace of mind. High-quality security chains, made from hardened steel and featuring robust locking mechanisms, provide a formidable barrier against would-be thieves.

    When securing your motorbike, anchoring the chain to an immovable object, such as a lamppost or ground anchor, is essential to prevent it from being quickly carried away. Additionally, threading the chain through the bike’s frame and wheels can deter theft by making it more difficult to dismantle and move. Using security chains combined with other anti-theft devices, like disc locks and alarm systems, creates a comprehensive security strategy that significantly reduces the risk of your motorbike being stolen.

    Here are some security chains we recommend using to protect your motorbike.

    Squire Y4 Security Chain

    The Squire Y4 Security Chain is a hardened steel security chain with a protective sleeve. It is ideal for outdoor and indoor use, including storage areas, motorcycles, and construction sites.

    Squire TC14-3 Security Chain

    Made from hardened steel, the Squire TC14/3 High-Security Chain is the perfect solution for securing high-value areas. Protected by a black Squire sleeve, the chain is durable and weatherproof. It is excellent for securing caravans, sheds, and warehouses and is one of the best security chains for a motorbike. Combine it with a Squire Stronghold Padlock for maximum security.

    Security tips for motorbike owners

    Always lock your bike

      It may seem obvious, but always lock your bike, even if you just step away for a moment. Opportunistic thieves can strike in seconds, so make locking your bike a habit.

      Use multiple locks

        Using more than one type of lock increases the time and effort required to steal your bike. Combine a chain lock with a disc lock or U-lock to create multiple barriers for thieves.

        Secure to a fixed object

          Lock your bike to a fixed object such as a lamp post, bike rack, or ground anchor whenever possible to prevent thieves from simply lifting your bike and carrying it away.

          Park in well-lit areas

            Deter thieves by parking your bike in well-lit and busy areas. Avoid isolated spots, especially at night, where your bike is more vulnerable to theft.

            Cover your bike

              Using a cover can help deter theft by concealing the make and model of your bike. Thieves are less likely to target a covered bike since they can’t quickly assess its value.

              Invest in quality locks

                A cheap lock can be easily broken, rendering your security efforts useless. Invest in high-quality locks from reputable brands to ensure your bike’s safety.

                Securing your motorbike is essential to protecting your investment and ensuring peace of mind. Using high-quality locks and following innovative security practices can significantly reduce the theft risk.

                View our range of locks and accessories today and take the first step towards better bike security.

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