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Secure Your World with High-Quality Restricted Padlocks

Secure Your World with High-Quality Restricted Padlocks

Have you ever stopped to think about the locks that secure your world? Those small, unassuming guardians of safety. Among them, one stands out - restricted padlocks.

You see these little warriors everywhere: on garden sheds, school lockers or even securing precious cargo in shipping containers. They're like the unsung heroes of our daily lives.

Their sturdy structure and durability make them a great choice for safeguarding valuable possessions. But there's more than meets the eye with these stalwart protectors.

In this journey together we'll delve into the intricate workings of restricted padlocks, explore how they've evolved over time in the UK and discuss some standout examples from brands such as ABUS and Squire.

By the end of this, you'll not only have a newfound appreciation for restricted padlocks but also understand exactly what they entail.

Table Of Contents+
  1. What are restricted padlocks?
    • The beauty of security locks with restricted keys
    • Making use of the best brands
  2. The benefits of restricted padlocks
    • The superior protection offered by closed shackle padlocks
    • Safety meets convenience
    • The value in versatility
  3. ABUS restricted padlocks
    • The strength behind ABUS steel padlocks
    • Detailed design offers maximum security
    • Versatility of keying options
  4. Squire restricted padlocks
    • The unique features of Squire's restricted padlocks
    • A closer look at the WS75 and SS65S models
    • Craftsmanship that screams quality
    • Why choose restricted padlocks from Squire?
  5. Features of restricted padlocks
    • Hardened steel vs stainless steel padlocks
    • Lock mechanisms matter too
    • The versatility of restricted padlocks
  6. Restricted padlocks for different applications
    • Cabinet locks: safeguarding valuables
    • Door locks: robust security where it matters most
    • Shipping containers: protecting your goods on the move
    • Cable locks and bike locks: mobile security at its best
    • Bike riders' favourite: ABUS 83/55
  7. Keyed alike and master keyed restricted padlocks
    • The convenience of keyed alike systems
    • Safety first: no compromise on security
    • Master keyed systems: the power at your fingertips
  8. How to choose the right restricted padlock
    • The material matters: hardened steel vs stainless steel padlocks
    • Sizing up your shackle
  9. FAQs in relation to restricted padlocks
    • What is a restricted padlock?
    • What padlocks cannot be picked?
    • What is a padlock with a key that cannot be copied?
    • What is the hardest padlock to break into?

What are restricted padlocks?

If you're looking for a padlock that provides maximum security then 'restricted' ones may have come up in your search. So, what's all this about? In essence, restricted padlocks bring to your security game an extra layer of protection against unauthorised key duplication. They operate with a restricted keyway that makes it nearly impossible to copy keys without proper identification and a signature card.

Why does this matter? Well, consider two scenarios: one where anybody can get their hands on a copy of your lock's key at any corner shop; and another where making copies is such an uphill task even Sherlock Holmes would need some serious luck.

The beauty of security locks with restricted keys

In addition to being near-impossible to duplicate illegally, these security locks also have other notable features. For instance, many high-quality brands design them as closed shackle padlocks. This design minimises exposed areas of the shackle thereby reducing vulnerability points susceptible to attacks - talk about playing hardball with burglars.

Moreover, when we speak about restricted locks in terms of quality construction materials and advanced locking mechanisms, we cannot help but mention ABUS’ closed shackles among others from top manufacturers. These not only ensure long-lasting durability but also provide resistance against picking attempts due to a unique mechanism.

Making use of the best brands

No doubt there are various types out there - from combination padlocks designed for gym and school locker uses, up to marine grade steel ones suited towards outdoor applications amid harsh weather conditions. But, when it comes to the best, brands like ABUS and Squire at Locks Direct certainly take the cake.

Take for instance, the 83/55 ABUS padlock. This steel high-security padlock offers a solid combination of security features that make it a formidable deterrent against unauthorised access. And let's not forget about the Squire WS75, known far and wide as one of the most popular shipping container locks due to its robust construction and high-security rating.


Restricted padlocks, like the ones from top brands ABUS and Squire, offer an extra layer of security with their nearly impossible-to-duplicate keys. Designed to resist burglary attempts, these high-quality locks also feature a unique mechanism that prevents picking. From school lockers to shipping containers, they provide formidable protection against unauthorised access.

The benefits of restricted padlocks

When it comes to high security, restricted padlocks take the lead. They're built robustly and designed to withstand various weather conditions, offering superior protection that is hard to beat.

The superior protection offered by closed shackle padlocks

Closed shackle padlocks are a top pick when maximum resistance against attacks is needed. Their design minimises exposed parts of the shackle, making it tougher for intruders to get their tools in. But what exactly makes them so secure?

For starters, these heavy duty locks feature an alloy shackle which gives them a stronghold over potential break-ins.

Besides their sturdy build quality, another major advantage lies in their weather-resistant nature. Come rain or shine, these hardened warriors can endure harsh outdoor environments without compromising on performance or durability – thanks largely due to being crafted from a shackle capable of withstanding extreme temperatures and corrosive elements.

In addition, closed shackles restrict access points for burglars using bolt cutters or saws thus providing an additional layer of safety that standard open shackle counterparts might not deliver effectively.

Safety meets convenience

One noteworthy benefit associated with using restricted padlocks extends beyond just pure strength and resilience - it's about convenience too. The unique combination features make it easier for authorised users while adding more complexity for anyone trying unauthorised entry - a win-win situation.

Furthermore, with a restricted keyway design the likelihood of someone duplicating your keys without authorisation is virtually non-existent. Only those who can provide proper identification and signature cards are allowed to get duplicates made - offering an additional layer of control over access.

The value in versatility

Restricted padlocks truly shine when it comes to versatility. Whether you're securing valuable equipment at work, locking up personal storage units or even fastening bicycle security chains - their unmatched performance ensures your security needs are met no matter how unique they may be.


Restricted padlocks are your best bet for unbeatable security and convenience. They're robust, weather-resistant and designed to keep intruders at bay with features like closed shackles and restricted keyways. Plus, their versatility means they can handle a variety of uses - from securing valuable work equipment to fastening bike chains.

ABUS restricted padlocks

If you're seeking top-notch security, ABUS restricted padlocks should be your go-to. But why is that so? Well, let's start with the two powerhouses of this range - the Abus 83/55, a steel beast offering robust protection and its big brother, the Abus 83/80. It's not just their sizes that make them stand out but also their distinct features.

The strength behind ABUS steel padlocks

Starting off with the Abus 83/55, this particular model takes high-security to another level. Constructed from hardened steel, it offers superior resistance against physical attacks such as cutting or drilling. However impressive, we can't overlook its sibling.

Taking things up a notch is none other than Abus’s largest padlock offered – the Abus 83/80; rightfully called ‘The Rock’. Its sturdy construction is a testament to its capacity for providing security and strength.

Detailed design offers maximum security

A standout feature that both of these models share is their closed shackle design. This helps limit access points for would-be thieves looking to use bolt cutters or saws on your lock because most of it remains hidden inside the body of each padlock itself.

This unique aspect gives us an insight into how thoughtful design combines with advanced technology making these products excellent examples of maximum security offerings. Yet there’s more when you dive deeper into details like keying options available in these ranges which are quite diverse too.

Versatility of keying options

Both the ABUS 83/55 and the ABUS 83/80 come with a range of keying options. Whether you need your locks keyed alike for simplicity or prefer each lock to have its unique key, these padlocks let you choose according to your convenience.

Each key is uniquely cut, which adds an extra layer of security. Without a precise copy or the account holder's approval on their signature form, nobody can make duplicate keys - it's quite reassuring when you're looking to protect what matters most.


These padlocks, notably the Abus 83/55 and its bigger brother, the Abus 83/80 (known as 'The Rock') give you top-notch security. Built with hardened steel, they're tough against physical attacks. Their closed shackle design gives thieves fewer chances to break in. Plus, there's a range of keying options that offer unique cuts and prevent duplicate keys from being made.

Squire restricted padlocks

When it comes to high-security padlocks, few brands come close to the quality and robustness offered by Squire. As one of the leading suppliers in the UK, Squire has made a name for itself with its impressive collection of restricted padlocks. But what sets these apart from your everyday lock?

The unique features of Squire's restricted padlocks

To start with, Squire restricted padlocks carry unique features that cater to specific security needs. For instance, their most popular product, the Squire WS75, is hailed as an exceptional shipping container padlock.

This isn't just because it fits snugly onto containers. It also boasts top-tier CEN 4 grading – a testament to its strength and resilience against tampering attempts.

Squire ss65s

A closer look at the WS75 and SS65S models

Constructed using hardened steel and featuring boron alloy shackles, both the Squire SS65S model (another top seller) and WS75 provide unparalleled protection against cut attacks. Not only do they promise toughness but also flexibility when securing diverse objects due to their long shackle design.

You'll appreciate this feature if you've ever tried fastening something large or awkwardly-shaped like a bicycle frame or gate. And let's not forget about their weather-resistant qualities too – ideal for outdoor use throughout those dreary British winters.

Craftsmanship that screams quality

If there's one thing that shines through in every Squire restricted padlock besides durability, it's the quality of craftsmanship. From its smooth-locking mechanism to the finely-etched brand name on each lock body, Squire ensures that every padlock leaving their factory is a testament to British manufacturing prowess.

Furthermore, these restricted locks are not just about brute strength and rigidity; they also focus on key security with features such as unique code cards for added peace of mind.

Why choose restricted padlocks from Squire?

Choosing a restricted padlock, like those offered by Squire, is beautiful because it's an investment in high-security protection. They're not just any ordinary locks.


Squire's restricted padlocks offer unmatched security with their unique features, hardened steel construction and boron alloy shackles. Ideal for various uses, these locks boast high CEN grading and weather-resistant qualities. They also ensure key security through unique code cards - making them more than just ordinary locks.

Features of restricted padlocks

If you're after a high-security lock then look no further than restricted padlocks at Locks Direct. Restricted padlocks offer robust construction and complex locking mechanisms, making them ideal for safeguarding valuable items.

Hardened steel vs stainless steel padlocks

A common question that comes up when choosing a restricted padlock is whether to go for one made from hardened steel or stainless steel. Both materials have their strengths - let's explore these differences in more detail.

The strength of hardened steel padlocks, such as the shackle part, stems from an extensive heat treatment process. This makes them highly resistant to physical attacks like cutting and sawing, but they can rust if exposed to harsh weather conditions over time.

In contrast, stainless steel padlocks are renowned for their corrosion resistance – perfect for use outdoors or in damp environments where other locks might succumb to the elements. However, while strong against corrosive damage and staining thanks to its chromium content, it isn't quite as tough as hardened steel when faced with brute force attacks.

Your choice between these two should depend on what threats you need protection against. If you anticipate aggressive break-in attempts, choose a hardened steel lock body. But if your lock will be battling the elements opt for stainless steel instead.

Lock mechanisms matter too

You may think all locks function pretty much alike once closed around something precious – but that’s wrong. Different types come equipped with various mechanisms inside them which influence security level substantially too.

A wise old locksmith once said, “A padlock is only as good as its lock mechanism.”

Restricted padlocks often feature brass cylinders which are harder to pick than standard ones due to their complex pin tumbler system. Plus, they come with a key register or code card that ensures no one but the account holder can get duplicate keys made.

The versatility of restricted padlocks

These padlocks are a solid choice. They offer flexibility and can adapt to any situation, be it keeping your garden tools safe or safeguarding high-value assets at work. Truly, their use extends beyond the home and into commercial environments too.


Restricted padlocks offer robust security, with choices between hardened steel for resistance to physical attacks, or stainless steel for weather durability. The complexity of their brass cylinder lock mechanisms makes them hard to pick, and the added key control gives an extra layer of safety. Their versatility allows them to be a reliable choice for both personal and commercial uses.

Restricted padlocks for different applications

The realm of padlocks is vast and varied, catering to a multitude of applications. But when it comes to top-tier security needs, restricted padlocks take the lead.

Cabinet locks: safeguarding valuables

In places like offices or schools where sensitive documents are stored, you need locks that provide more than just basic protection. Restricted padlocks come in handy here as they offer an added layer of security with their unique key profiles. Unauthorised duplication is out of the question making them ideal cabinet locks.

Door locks: robust security where it matters most

You want your home's front door lock to be strong and reliable but also flexible enough for emergencies. The Squire WS75, a master-keyed shipping container padlock known for its robustness, can be adapted effectively as a high-security door lock.

squire WS75 padlock

Shipping containers: protecting your goods on the move

Faced with harsh weather conditions and long transit times, shipping containers demand sturdy protection against potential theft attempts during transportation. Enter the Squire WS75 again. This high-security closed shackle beast is resistant not only to rust but also common attacks such as cutting or drilling.

Cable locks and bike locks: mobile security at its best

Moving on from stationary applications, let’s consider mobile ones – securing bikes or laptops via cable locks requires something light yet secure, easy-to-use but hard to break into. Restricted combination padlocks fit this niche perfectly due to their compact design paired with unbeatable strength offered by toughened steel shackles.

Bike riders' favourite: ABUS 83/55

The ABUS 83/55 has earned a reputation as one of the best bike locks on the market. This closed shackle padlock provides top-tier security while still being easy to use.


Restricted padlocks are your best bet for top-tier security needs. They secure cabinets with sensitive documents, robustly guard doors and shipping containers and offer mobile security through cable locks and bike locks.

Keyed alike and master keyed restricted padlocks

If you've ever juggled a hefty set of keys wondering which one opens what, then keyed alike systems are the solution for you. These systems let all your padlocks open with just one key – simplicity itself.

The convenience of keyed alike systems

In the world of high security padlocks, convenience doesn't have to mean compromising on protection. That's where keyed alike systems come in.

When we talk about 'keying' a lock system, it's essentially how each lock is programmed to respond only to its corresponding key or code card. So when we say that a series of restricted padlocks are 'keyed alike', this means they can all be opened using the same key - no more guessing games. This makes managing multiple locks easier than counting sheep at bedtime.

This also cuts down on any confusion if an emergency arises and swift access is needed across multiple locations; because every single door can be unlocked using just one master key.

Safety first: no compromise on security

"Doesn't having only one type of key increase risk?" It's quite the opposite actually. Despite their ease-of-use feature, these kinds of closed shackle padlock sets offer maximum security by making unauthorised duplication almost impossible thanks to signature forms from account holders being required before additional keys can be made.

Remember, only those named as signatories will be allowed duplicate copies.

We at Locks Direct take great pride in offering top-notch restricted padlock systems that don't skimp on safety or convenience. Our high-security padlocks are crafted from marine grade materials, offering maximum resistance against both physical attacks and weather conditions.

Master keyed systems: the power at your fingertips

If you're a landlord, school administrator or anyone who manages multiple properties or areas needing secure access control, then master keyed systems could be your knight in shining armour.

Even in these setups, every lock can maintain its unique functionality.


At Locks Direct, we offer both keyed alike systems and master keyed systems. With these setups, you can enjoy the ease of using a single key for all your locks. It not only eliminates confusion but also boosts efficiency during emergencies. And don't worry about security - our locks are designed to resist unauthorised duplication. If you're in charge of several properties or areas then consider opting for our master keyed systems.

How to choose the right restricted padlock

Selecting the ideal restricted padlock might seem like a daunting task. Don't worry, it's simpler than you might expect. Before deciding on the ideal restricted padlock, it’s important to consider what needs protecting. For example if it's your bike that needs securing, bike locks designed with maximum security in mind are an excellent choice.

If, on the other hand, your goal is securing lockers at school or gym facilities then something sturdy yet compact would be more suitable such as our popular school locker locks.

The material matters: hardened steel vs stainless steel padlocks

Different materials offer different levels of protection and durability. It’s crucial to know whether hardened steel or stainless steel suits your needs better.

Hardened steel padlocks are known for their toughness and resistance against physical attacks; they can withstand harsh conditions making them perfect for outdoor use where weather exposure is inevitable. On the flip side though, they aren’t resistant against rusting.

In contrast, stainless steel offers excellent corrosion resistance but lacks behind when it comes to sheer strength compared with hardened ones.

Sizing up your shackle

The shackle size is another factor you shouldn't overlook. If you're dealing with thicker chains or larger objects, long shackle padlocks might be your best bet.

But if you're worried about bolt cutter attacks, closed-shackle padlocks are your best bet. They give top-notch security.


Choosing the right restricted padlock is simpler than it seems. Consider what you're securing then select a suitable lock type and material for your needs - like weather resistant hardened steel or rust-proof stainless steel. Think about how many keys you want with keyed alike or master keyed systems and don't forget to size up your shackle appropriately.

FAQs in relation to restricted padlocks

What is a restricted padlock?

A restricted padlock uses keys that can't be duplicated without proper authorisation. This beefs up security by nixing unauthorised key copying.

What padlocks cannot be picked?

Picking resistant locks, like disc-detainer and dimple lock designs, give pickers the hardest time due to their complex internal mechanisms.

What is a padlock with a key that cannot be copied?

This refers to locks with 'restricted' or 'security' keys. You need specific permission to make copies of these keys - no ifs, no buts.

What is the hardest padlock to break into?

Look for a high-security model like the Squire SS65S which has a robust body and shackle plus advanced anti-pick features.

So, we've journeyed together through the world of restricted padlocks. A world where security and convenience go hand in hand.

You now know why these locks are unique with their robustness and high-security features. You understand how brands like ABUS and Squire have made a mark with their standout designs.

We delved into the benefits of closed shackle padlocks and explored various materials used for construction, from hardened steel to stainless steel. We discussed different applications – from doors to shipping containers!

Now you can appreciate not just what they do but also what goes into making them so effective at keeping your world secure.

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