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Abus 83WP/63 Weatherproof Padlock

Original price £41.03 - Original price £46.03
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£41.03 - £46.03
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£49.24 inc. VAT
The Abus 83WP-63 is a heavy duty weatherproof padlock. The combination of hardened steel and Abus Nano Protected coating ensures this padlock can withstand extreme weather conditions and provide long lasting protection. Additionally, the 83WP-63 has a ball bearing security mechanism that keeps the Abus locked even if the shackle is cut. This measure often deters an attacker from further attempts as it requires much more effort to enter. This padlock has a high security rating of 8, we recommend using it for any high risk items or outdoor areas such as doors or gates.
Keyed Alike: Standard


Hardened steel shackle
Sealed lock body
High impact sealed lock body
Weatherproof dust cover
Extreme weather protection
Saw resistant
Double bolted
Silver Sold Secure

Application & Security Rating

Security Rating: 8/10

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