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Abus 140/120 & 24IB60 Set

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The Abus 140-120 hasp and 24IB60 Diskus padlock is the perfect combination when you require a good quality  weatherproof padlock and hasp for outdoor use.  The 24IB60 padlock fits perfectly on the hasp and the padlock shackle is fully protected but the hardened staple.  The 24IB60 padlock is completely weatherproof as a result of the body being stainless steel.  This set is the perfect solution for ultimate weather protection in outdoor harsh environments.


Stainless steel shackle
Stainless steel body
360° protection
Bolt cutter resistant
Saw resistant
Marine grade
Rust free


Tough stainless steel construction
Hinge pins protected against attack
Comes complete with fixings

Application & Security Rating

Security Rating: 8/10

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