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Master Keyed Squire WS75 Container Padlock - Patented

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The Squire WS75 is our most popular shipping container padlock.  The Squire WS75 is a CEN 4 graded insurance padlock and will fit most shipping container padlocks.  The WS75 comes with a solid hardened steel lock body and  a hardened boron alloy steel shackle.  Having the benefit of using a 6 pin lock mechanism there are 250,000 key differs.  This model comes with a fully patented key profile - this means keys CANNOT be duplicated without the owners permission.  All Squire padlocks woe with a 10 year guarantee.     


Fully Patented key profile
Double sided dimple key
Hardened steel shackle
Hardened steel lock body
CEN 4 security rating
Anti drill protection
Anti corrosion finish
10 year guarantee
Weather resistant
2 x keys supplied

Application & Security Rating

Security Rating: 9/10

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