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Squire SHCB65/Chain Combination Padlock

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The Squire SHCB65- 65mm slide bolt combination padlock offers quality and performance with the added bonus of a retaining chain.  The benefit of the retaining chain is that you can fix it to the gate or building you are looking at securing, to prevent the combi lock from dropping on the floor or someone walking off with it. This coded padlock has a 4 wheel combination that can be changed at any point.  This weatherproof padlock with code is ideal to be used on external field gates, workshops or buildings. All Squire number padlocks come with a 10 year guarantee.

65mm Lock body
Brass lock body
Hardened steel shackle
Large brass wheels
Complete with retaining chain
Weather resistant
4 Wheel combination
10 year guarantee

Application & Security Rating

Security Rating: 6/10

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