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How to keep schools secure over Christmas

How to keep schools secure over Christmas

School security is important at all times, however, often people only think about security in terms of keeping students safe. Whilst student safety is of paramount importance, what about when the school is left empty during the festive holidays?

At Locks Direct we understand the need to secure buildings whilst they're vacant. Schools are not only full of valuables such as computers, interactive whiteboards, sports equipment, and instruments, but they also hold a lot of personal records for those who attend. It can be very dangerous for students if their personal details get into the wrong hands, as well as breaching general data protection regulations.

Whilst theft is common at this time of year, schools are often targeted for arson attacks and vandalisation, to stop issues like this from occurring high-security measures should be put in place.

What you can do

If you're a parent we recommend telling your child to not leave any of their belongings at school over the Christmas break, whether that's their football boots

or books with their personal information on the front.

  • Receptionists should ensure they change their passwords before the Christmas break and keep the new password to themselves. Door passwords should also be changed, especially if teachers use the code in front of children and their parents.
  • Any files with students' data inside should be locked, using high-security padlocks.
  • Documents that can not be duplicated or cheques that won't be banked before Christmas should be kept inside a high-quality fireproof safe.
  • If janitors need to enter the school during the break the most secure way to keep keys safe is in key safes.
  • Keep all gates locked with our range of heavy-duty padlocks and education security solutions, ideal for nurseries, schools, and universities.
  • Make sure all blinds are shut so that people cannot see what's inside.
  • High-Security chains can be used on doors that are not behind locked gates and can easily be accessed by the public.
  • CCTV is a great way of deterring crime as criminals don't want to risk being easily identified. 
  • Ensure people are aware of the CCTV with clear signage, as well as stating that trespassers will be prosecuted.
  • Schools could adopt a neighbourhood watch scheme, where parents and teachers keep an eye on the school and report any suspicious behaviour or vandalisation they witness.
  • As well as locking the main doors to the building, ensure every classroom door is also locked.
  • Schools in larger cities where crime rates are high may benefit from extending the hours of their security guards to work throughout the holiday season.
  • Security lighting that's activated when someone comes within close proximity of doors may help to scare off potential threats.
  • Whilst prevention is key, damage control is also useful, using barrier paint on areas usually targeted with graffiti will make it easier to remove.
  • Making sure football goals and play equipment are locked away or secured with ground anchors means that if people do manage to get into the school ground they can not easily remove these items.
  • Access controls such as key fobs or security codes can help to increase the overall security of the building.


Whatever your educational institution, whether it be a nursery, school, college, or university, we hope we've helped you to gain some knowledge on how to keep it secure this Christmas.


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