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Security in 2023: What are the best high-security padlocks?

Security in 2023: What are the best high-security padlocks?

We hope you’re having a great start to the new year, and a safe one too. During December we noticed an increase in people wanting to ensure their home is secure due to an increase in theft around the festive period.

However, along comes January and people start to forget about the importance of security. Especially as spring approaches and the warmer weather will see us leaving our windows and doors open, and keeping the shed unlocked for easy access to blow-up paddling pools and folded chairs.

The last thing you want is to wake up and realise someone has entered your unlocked garage or shed during the night and taken off with the bike you got for Christmas and the BBQ you were so excited to use again. Especially when you read your insurance's small print and realise it doesn’t cover you if your goods were stored in somewhere that was unlocked.

Need to have that added peace of mind? Check out the options we’ve outlined below and find what works for you:

Combination padlocks

Combination padlocks are a keyless option, they provide reliable security that is also convenient. If you’re someone who worries about losing your key these are the ideal padlocks for you.

Ideal for garden gates, we offer a range from leading brands Squire and ABUS. If you incur a breach of security our extensive selection of padlocks can have their codes changed easily with a change code key so you can quickly and effectively re-secure your valuables.

Our durable combination padlocks are one of our best sellers, here are three of our favourites:

The Squire Warrior 65 Combination Padlock offers high-quality performance. It has a 5-wheel combination that has more than 100,000 possible combinations. A weatherproof, heavy-duty combination padlock that’s perfect for outdoor use. All Squire padlocks come with a 10-year guarantee so you can sleep soundly in the knowledge you have years of security ahead of you.

The Abus 158 50 Combination Padlock is one of our bestsellers. With a solid zinc die-cast body and hardened steel shackle making it saw-resistant. Perfect for use on sheds and gates. You can set your four-digit code and be confident you can reset it at any time.

The Combi4 Squire Combination Bolt Lock is a reliable security measure that can be used both indoors and outdoors. Combining a locking bolt and combination lock for the utmost protection. The weather and rust-proof body make it perfect for gates, sheds, and garages.

Weatherproof padlocks

Our weatherproof padlocks offer you ultimate protection in all weather conditions. You may have heard of them being referred to as marine padlocks due to their water resistance and durability.

These weatherproof padlocks are made from specialist materials and are rustproof, ideal for supreme garden security. Many of the locks come with features like keyhole covers and drainage channels.

Check out these three weatherproof padlocks and find which one is right to secure your home.

The Abus 83WPIB/53 Weatherproof Padlock is one of our heavy-duty security solutions. With a stainless steel shackle, weatherproof body, and quality cover it can withstand extreme weather conditions.

The ball-bearing security mechanism ensures that this padlock stays locked even if the shackle is cut. This helps to deter those trying to gain access from making further attempts as it requires a lot of effort to enter. Use this padlock that has a security rating of 8 for any high-risk items in your garden, or on sheds and gates.

The Abus 24IB/60 Diskus Padlock is ideal for year-round security as it’s 100% non-corrosive. Designed to provide ultimate protection against force and strength attacks. The versatile nature of this weatherproof padlock makes it ideal for back gates and shed doors.

The Squire CP50/ATL Combination Padlock combines the convenience of a combination lock with the ability to withstand the harshest weather conditions. Some people feel more comfortable using a combination lock as it reduces the anxiety of losing the key. If that resonates with you, this is the lock you need.

Restricted padlocks

Padlocks with restricted locks work the same as regular key padlocks, however, they have an extra layer of security. The keys are a lot harder to be copied which helps to reduce the risk of duplication and theft.

Here are some of our top picks from brands that you can rely on:

The Squire SS50S Restricted Padlock is a CEN 4 graded insurance padlock with high corrosion resistance proven through a 400-hour salt spray test. This padlock uses a 6-pin cylinder which offers more than 250,000 key differs. The anti-drill protection increases the security this padlock can offer you.

The Squire WS75 Restricted Container Padlock is one of our most popular padlocks. It is better suited for shipping containers but can be used on garages and sheds that need high security. It’s weatherproof, attack resistance, and heavy-duty, this high-security padlock is incredibly hard to replicate keys for.

The Squire SS50CS High-Security Padlock provides the best protection for high-risk areas. The solid hardened steel closed shackle has high cutting resistance. This padlock boasts a level 4 on the European recognised CEN standard for locks and is ideal for outdoor use due to being weather resistant in volatile conditions. The perfect padlock for garages, sheds, and even vans if you store expensive tools in your vehicle overnight.

We hope you’ve found the security solution you were looking for from our range of the best padlocks, if you’re still unsure then find more here.

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