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Protecting Your Vehicle: What's The Best Garage Door Lock?

Protecting Your Vehicle: What's The Best Garage Door Lock?

Whether you use your garage to store a Rolls-Royce Phantom Series II with a striking interior and an exterior so shiny you can check your teeth in it or a Ford KA that you use to nip to the nearest supermarket, you want your garage to be secure so you don’t have to worry about the contents.

Those that don’t have cars or that use alternative parking may store valuable tools, outdoor activity paraphernalia, push bikes, lawn mowers and gardening equipment, and anything else that won’t fit in the house from the Christmas tree to that broken ironing board you’ve been meaning to take to the tip.

Nevertheless, however valuable the items in your garage are, no one likes the idea of a stranger going through their belongings and taking what isn’t theirs to take. It instills a fear that they may come back and next time take something with a lot higher value whether that be monetary or sentimental value.

That’s why at Locks Direct we’re passionate about keeping your garage safe and secure, we’ve put together some useful tips and guidance on protecting your vehicle or other garage contents.

  • If you have the space to store low-value items in a locked shed so that you have space inside your garage for your car, this is recommended. Your car will always be safest inside a locked garage and this will be the insurance company's preference. 
  • If you do keep other valuable items in your garage such as power tools or expensive bikes, ensure you keep the door closed as much as possible to stop passersby from seeing what’s inside.
  • Motion sensors or home security cameras with night vision are great ways of deterring thieves away from your garage and also your garden and home if they're angled correctly.
  • Always secure your garage door even when you’re at home as you may not hear a thief if you’re inside the house. 

 Here are some of the best types of locks for garage door security:

The Abus 24ib 60 diskus padlock is 100% non-corrosive due to its stainless steel external body making it ideal for outdoor use. Built to withstand force and strength attacks which will deter those weighing up whether your garage would be an easy break-in.

The versatility of this lock means it could be used on sheds, gates, or garages to keep the outside of your home secure. This padlock is available as keyed alike, so if you choose this style of padlock for all your outdoor security needs you don’t have to worry about having multiple keys to look after.

Priced at £29.42 inc VAT (correct at time of publication) this is a high-security padlock without the high price tag.

The Abus 41 50 laminated padlock is a weatherproof padlock that can offer you up to 40 years of protection. The laminated steel alloy body and shackle make this lock both rust and corrosion-resistant.

This lock is not only designed to resist harsh weather conditions but also saw and drill attacks. Often if a thief can not easily gain access to a garage with their first attempt they will leave and not return in fear of being caught.

At Locks Direct we believe that no one should struggle to afford security. Feeling safe in your home is a human right and with locks costing as little as £15.98 inc VAT (correct at the time of publication) we have something to suit all budgets.

We only stock locks from tried and trusted brands that we know have a focus on creating high-quality products that can withstand the test of time. That’s why we recommend this Squire 35 1.5 stronglock padlock. It’s specially designed for outdoor use, featuring deadlocking, weather resistance, and premium quality performance.

You can use this lock on your garage, shed, toolbox, or gate just to name a few. This versatile lock is £13.52 inc VAT so the most affordable lock in our recommended lock list.

If strong is what you’re looking for then look no further. The Abus 83wpcs 53 weatherproof padlock is one of the top weatherproof padlocks in the Abus collection. Built to withstand the harshest weather conditions and the most volatile environments.

The chrome-plated NanoProtect shackle protects the shackle from corrosion to ensure longevity and reliability. A hardened steel alloy body protects against weapon and tool abuse. Whilst the pick-resistant lock prevents lock picking and provides you with extra security and peace of mind.

If your insurer has stated any padlocks used should be ‘closed shackle’, meaning it’s designed to have the smallest amount of shackle exposed this is the lock for you. This lock is £48.73 inc VAT. (correct at the time of publication)

Order before 2pm for next-day delivery. Ordering multiple locks? Great news, orders over £75 qualify for free delivery. If you want to discuss which padlock would be the best fit for your garage don’t hesitate to contact one of our expert team.

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