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The Best Diskus Padlock Guide

The Best Diskus Padlock Guide

If you’re looking for guidance on which strong, durable, and reliable diskus padlock is best for you, you’re in the right place. Our superior range of closed-shackle padlocks are extremely difficult to manipulate, which makes them ideal for securing your gates, sheds, and outbuildings.

The diskus padlocks that we supply are from tried and trusted brands such as Abus and Squire who’re renowned for quality in the security world. Their excellent reputation can ensure you that whichever lock you choose will provide you with years of security. All at affordable prices that won’t see you compromising on standards.

All of the Abus diskus padlocks are available in a keyed-alike option, which can be selected within the shopping basket at a small additional cost.

Keyed alike means you can open all your Abus diskus padlocks with the same key which is highly convenient and saves you from carrying around multiple keys and fumbling to find the right one.

Abus 24IB/60 Diskus Padlock

Even if you live somewhere with severe weather conditions such as snow and ice this is the ideal padlock. The internal components are made with 100% non-corrosive materials. The stainless steel exterior is hard-wearing and will last the test of time. Whether you’re looking for a lock for your shed, back door, gate, or outbuildings this padlock is a must-have for security in and around your garden.

Abus 24IB/70 Diskus Padlock

This padlock has been built to provide your property with ultimate protection from force and strength attacks. Whether the perpetrator is using drills and bolt cutters this lock is equipt to keep your valuables safe. Being highly resistant to rust due to its stainless steel body it’s ideal for outdoor use. However, it doesn't have to be used for outdoor use alone, it's a great way of securing toolboxes, bike chains, and storage containers kept in outbuildings.

Abus 26/70 Diskus Padlock

If you’re looking for an affordable padlock that offers premium security without breaking the bank, you’ve found it. This product is made for dealing with medium/high-security issues, with a CEN scale rating of 3. Looking to secure your garage or toolbox this closed shackles, weatherproof, and long-lasting diskus padlock is made for the job.

Abus 26/90 Diskus Padlock

This Marine grade lock is heavy-duty and the rust-resistant material ensures longevity. The closed shackle, strong materials, and resistance to drill, saw and bolt cutters give increased protection and an ability to sleep soundly knowing your shed, outbuilding, garage, gates and more are all secure. Extra keys are also available if you need multiple people to access the lock.

DCL1 Squire Discus Padlock

A lock that offers 360-degree protection, yes please! Squire is a high-quality brand whose locks won’t leave you disappointed. The affordable price tag is just one of the many attractive attributes this lock has to offer.

The hardened steel, closed shackle and anti-drill plate offer increased security. If you’re still unsure, the Squire 10-year guarantee will offer you extra peace of mind.

We hope you’ve managed to find a diskus lock that suits your needs. If you have any further questions don’t hesitate to get in touch on freephone 0800 542 1264, or if using a mobile call 01778 570157 and we’ll be happy to answer any of your questions.

Alternatively, check out our range of combination, restricted, and CEN grade padlocks, as well as so many more.

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