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Which Padlocks Are Best For Which Application?

Which Padlocks Are Best For Which Application?

At Locks Direct we have a range of padlocks perfect for a whole host of different applications such as containers, sheds, luggage, machinery, lockers, gates, garages, offices, cupboards, and toolboxes! Yes, there are a lot of different uses for a padlock. 

We not only stock high-quality, durable padlocks, but we also care about your safety, that’s why we want to ensure you’re using the correct padlock when securing your valuables at home or away. That’s why we have put together this useful guide for deciphering the best padlock to use for every application. 


Squire container padlock

If you’re using a container to store surplus items that you can’t fit inside your home you’re going to want to ensure they’re kept secure for a later date when you need them. Often the container may not be close to your home meaning you can’t keep a close eye on your belongings. This is where a high-performance padlock is recommended. 

The Squire WS75 is an all-rounder that is one of our most popular.  It’s a CEN 4 graded insurance padlock and will fit most shipping containers. It also comes with a solid hardened steel lock body and a hardened boron alloy steel shackle. This particular padlock uses a 6-pin tumbler lock mechanism giving you 250,000 key differs for peace of mind.


Shed padlock

Your shed can be home to some pretty valuable stuff; family bikes, garden tools, lawnmowers, strimmers, garden toys, and toolboxes. So it’s understandable you want to keep it as secure as possible. 

The Abus 158/50 Combination Padlock is a 50mm high-security combination padlock. The solid zinc die-cast body and hardened steel shackle have excellent saw resistance. You can set your own 4-digit code so you don’t have to worry about keeping a key safe. £20.29 (price correct at time of publishing). 


Luggage Padlock

If you’re heading on holiday you’re going to want to make sure nothing in your suitcase goes missing whether at the airport or in your hotel suite. The Abus 155/20 Combination Padlock is the perfect holiday companion. It boasts a tough zinc lock body and steel shackle to protect against potential attacks. £9.96 inc tax (price correct at time of publishing). 


Machinery Padlock

Industrial safety is of utmost importance; not only does it ensure the security of your machinery but also the safety of those around the area. The Squire Stronghold (SSOP5) is an open shackle padlock that is perfect for the job. It boasts a Gold rating on the Sold Secure standard and a grade 3 on the CEN scale, appropriately indicating that this lock is an ideal security measure in areas that require high security. Offering incredible protection, this lock provides great torsion and cutting resistance thanks to its anti-corrosion finish and hardened steel shackle and body. £35.72 including tax (price correct at time of publishing). 


Lockers Padlock

Whether you’re looking to secure your gym locker, the locker at work, or at your college/university the DF Combi 30 Squire Padlock is the perfect choice. This padlock is designed for those looking for high-performance security without breaking the bank. 

This defender padlock has specifically been designed to secure items within lockers. Featuring steel shackles and a 3-wheel combination. This padlock can also be bought in bulk with a discount if you’re wanting to order them for your team. £7.26 inc vat (price correct at time of publishing). 


Gates Padlock

Keeping your gates locked overnight or whilst you’re on holiday is a great way of keeping your garden and home secure. The Abus 24IB/70 Diskus Padlock is 100% non-corrosive due to the stainless steel, this makes it a great weatherproof lock ideal for outdoor use. 

Built to provide ultimate protection from force and strength attacks from drills, saws, and bolt cutters. They’re also highly resistant to rust which makes them ideal for outdoor use. This marine-grade padlock offers 360-degree rust-free protection for your garden gates. £34.48 inc vat (price correct at time of publishing). 


Garage Padlock

Whether you use your garage to store a classic car you’ve spent years saving up for or your old gardening tools, getting broken into is still an awful feeling. It feels as if your personal space has been violated. 

That’s why you need to use a high-performance padlock such as the Abus 70IB/50HB80 Weatherproof padlock. This strong and reliable long shackle padlock is rust and weatherproof making it ideal for outdoor use on garages or outbuildings.  

The solid brass body and stainless steel shackle mean it’s saw resistant. This marine grade lock with a sealed body and double bolt is just £23.92 inc vat (price correct at time of publishing). 


Office Padlock

Your office may be where you spend most of your time, so you’re going to want to feel safe. It’s also where you may keep some of your most important work or private documentation meaning you’re going to want to ensure it’s kept secure when you’re enjoying some out-of-office time. 

If you’re looking for a padlock for your door or that all-important filing cabinet we have something to suit your needs at Locks Direct. We recommend all the locks in our office application category, however, the Abus 158/65 Combination Padlock is a great choice. 

This combination padlock is ideal for offices as you don’t have to have multiple keys for different people to access the room. However, remember to only give your passcode to those who you trust. 

The hardened steel shackle and die-cast zinc body ensure its saw resistance, this is to help avoid any potential attacks. Often thieves will be deterred if their first attempt at breaking in is unsuccessful for fear of being caught. 


Padlock for cupboards

Whether you want to keep the medicine and liquor cupboard secure from young children or maybe you have a cupboard full of confidential documents the Abus 65/60 Brass Padlock is a great option for inside your home or office. 

The small size means it’s discrete on kitchen cupboards, but just because it’s small doesn’t mean it’s not mighty. The solid brass body and alloy shackle with non-corrosive interior components is a strong padlock ideal for keeping cupboards closed and away from uninvited visitors. 


Padlock for toolboxes

A toolbox can be a man's best friend so it’s understandable why you’d want to keep everything inside secure and away from eagle-eyed thieves. Tools can also be expensive, with some toolboxes being worth a lot they’re a common item for thieves to spot and try to steal. Keep them locked away in a garage or shed and secure them with the Abus 41/30 Laminated Padlock

Featuring a laminated steel alloy body and shackle with corrosion and rust resistance. This lock is versatile so not only can it be used on a toolbox but also a garden gate or shed. 

At Locks Direct, we have a range of padlocks for multiple applications. If you’re looking for a specific shackle or material we’ve got you covered. For more information on security solutions get in touch with a member of our friendly expert team on 0800 542 1264.   

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