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Closed Shackle Padlocks

Here at Locks Direct our collection of closed shackle padlocks represents the pinnacle of security, offering unparalleled protection for your valuables and peace of mind for your property. 

Crafted from hardened steel and fortified with anti-drill and anti-pick features, these closed shackle padlocks are engineered to withstand the most. . . Read More >


  • Mul-T-Lock NE14H Padlock

    Original price £108.21 - Original price £113.71
    Original price
    £108.21 - £113.71
    £108.21 - £113.71
    Current price £108.21

    The Mul-T-Lock NE14H closed shackle padlock is the ultimate high security padlock, offering the best level of protection on the CEN scale at CEN6. ...

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    Original price £108.21 - Original price £113.71
    Original price
    £108.21 - £113.71
    £108.21 - £113.71
    Current price £108.21


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Frequently Asked Questions

A closed shackle padlock features a narrower shackle opening, providing increased resistance against bolt cutter attacks and offering enhanced security for your belongings. 

To open a closed shackle padlock, insert the key or enter the correct combination to release the shackle. Once unlocked, pull or twist the shackle to open it and access the secured item.

The main advantages of using a closed shackle padlock include enhanced security due to its narrower shackle opening, which provides increased resistance against bolt cutter attacks. Additionally, the closed shackle design helps prevent prying and tampering, making it an ideal choice for securing high-value items and outdoor applications.

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