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The Best Combination Padlocks and How To Secure Them

The Best Combination Padlocks and How To Secure Them

At Locks Direct we pride ourselves on having an extensive range of combination locks. The benefit of a combination padlock is that thieves get deterred quickly when they can’t guess the code. Combination padlocks are a great option for scenarios where multiple users need to operate a single padlock.

Combination padlocks offer a keyless solution to security. They’re convenient and reliable, great for luggage, gates, and gym lockers. If you do experience a security breach you’re able to change the code of your padlock quickly and efficiently. Here are five of our combination padlocks.

CP60CS Squire Combination Padlock

The CP60CS is a 60mm closed shackle padlock that offers superior performance. The shackle is shielded by the lock body which helps to protect it against attack. Being weatherproof means it’s a great option for garden gates and sheds.

The 5-wheel combination allows you to pick a diligent and unbreakable code. At £30.27 this padlock comes with a fantastic 10-year guarantee for your peace of mind.

DF Combi 30 Squire Padlock

Part of the new Defender value range from the makers of high-quality and trusted Squire padlocks. This padlock offers impressive value for money, making security accessible to all. We recommend this padlock with a hard-wearing steel shackle to secure your gym locker. £6.22.

Abus 180IB50 Combination Padlock

If you’re looking for a padlock to use outdoors the Abus 180IB50 combination padlock is ideal. It’s weather resistant at marine grade, the brass body is 100% rust-free.

Featuring a double-bolted hardened steel shackle for high-level protection. As with all combination padlocks the code mechanism removes the need to carry around keys that can easily get lost. £25.69.

Combi4 Squire Combination Bolt Lock

This 4 combination padlock is a reliable security measure that’s simple to use. It can be used both indoors and outdoors for the utmost protection. With a weatherproof and rustproof body, it’s perfectly suited for garden sheds to protect valuable tools. At a very affordable £14.40, with a 10-year guarantee.

Abus 158CS/65 Combination Padlock

The solid zinc die-cast body is durable and hard-wearing. The hardened steel shackle ensures it’s saw resistant for improved security. The ideal padlock for securing sheds, lockers, suitcases, and toolboxes. £42.24.

How to secure your combination padlock

Whilst you want to pick a code that’s memorable ensure it’s not too easy for people to guess. The most popular codes are 1234 and 000.

Don't use dates of birth as these can easily be found on public social media. Avoid personal information such as bank details as this can put you at further risk of security breaches. If you have multiple combination padlocks it's important that they all have different codes.

Change your security code regularly and don’t give the code to anyone outside of your trusted circle. Ensure children who need the code are made aware of the importance of keeping it private.

For more information on combination padlocks and other security solutions get in touch with us at 0800 542 1264. Please note all prices are correct at the time of publication and are subject to change.

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